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Nigerian Scientists Reveal How Psychology and Discipline Work in Sports Betting

Nigerian Scientists Reveal How Psychology and Discipline Work in Sports Betting. 

It’s a classic situation: novice players, not succeeding in paris sportifs, complain about fortune – that they were unlucky. And if not, they start feverishly making new bets, trying to win back, and, multiplying the mistakes, in the end, remain with nothing. Experts believe that such people lack, above all, psychological preparation.

Bookmaker Offices Are Not Created for People but Their Owners. 

The obvious task of such places is to bring profit. And not for the customers but the owners. Playing on someone else’s field, only individual units, with many personal qualities can be consistently successful. And such a popular criterion as “luck” has nothing to do with it, as a rule.

You Have to Understand Objectively Your Risk Appetite.

It is only in the proverbs drink champagne those who take risks. More often those who have willpower and the ability to stop in time have money for it. Realizing that you are too much of a gamble, often the best betting tactic is simply not to start. However, that doesn’t mean completely abandoning options with high odds. You just need to do it, weighing everything objectively and finding strong arguments in favor of such an event.

There Are Plenty of Those Who Bet “Just for the Fun of It”. 

By and large, these are not full-fledged players. Usually betting small amounts of money, they just provide a reason to pay more attention, not to indifferently watch the sporting event. And they do not particularly care about the possible winnings. It is recreation and entertainment, and losses are seen as a kind of payment for a good time.

Only Some of Them Become Full-Fledged Professional Gamblers. 

For them betting is no longer a hobby but a source of income, ideally a stable one. It is work, with an investment of finances and time. And variants of “to get rich right away” are worth leaving as one-time exceptions (yes, they take a jackpot, for example, in a mega express, but it’s 1 time in a million bets) and advertising actions. More often success comes gradually, with experience and gaining experience, after developing a personal strategy and discipline of bank management, when even in a period of luck control prevails.

There Is a Concept of a “Carousel of Excitement”. 

And it works in “both directions”, both in victories (you want more and more), and defeats (“I’ll win back now”). Experienced players advise never, at least rashly and abruptly, to increase the betting amount significantly, suddenly change the strategy and/or start betting on more events.

Everyone Has Bad Luck Periods.

Even the best analysts make mistakes – in the element of chance, uncertainty, lies the beauty of sports. The main thing is to take failure calmly, be prepared for it psychologically and financially. Up to the fact that if a “bad streak” drags on, a player finds the strength for a few days or weeks to switch to other things.

Life Is Not Just About Betting. 

You have to remember that there are always other things to do. And not all bets will bring money. But if you plan it properly, the excitement, interest, and fun of the game with a bookie will provide. That is why it is called – the game.

Yes, Our Whole Life Is a Game but Above All a Discipline. 

Here people are also divided into two categories: those who bet for “raising sports interest” and those for whom sports betting is a means of earning and income or if you want – even a kind of investment in sports – the players.

The first ones make bets to watch with great interest the same match or other sporting event and, as a rule, such people do not care whether they win or lose. They rarely place bets and of course, a bookmaker’s office is not a means of earning or income for them. This kind of recreation and entertainment causes only respect, and the loss here acts as a kind of payment for it.

The second is professional players, whose goal is to make a profit from the game on the betting. Some have long and painstakingly worked in this area, investing in this business their finances and time, and as a result, have a pretty good financial performance. Others are set a goal to earn a lot of money at once and get rich without using a specific strategy, without determining their “bank” and without adhering to a certain discipline. This is the theory of bankruptcy and collapse, and here’s why.

After all, winning several times in a row such a person believes that he caught fortune by the hand – he is lucky, and all because he is very smart and invincible. As a result, he will only increase and increase rates. And when the sum of winnings becomes much smaller than it was before, but the person will still be “in the plus”, he will not stop, as he will consider himself a loser, but will play “big” until the last – until he loses everything. This is human psychology.

It turns out that for some inexplicable reason a person always wants to lose all the money he has already won. Therefore, a person without proper training and gets into the above situation – this carousel of excitement to the total loss.

But this can easily be avoided by adhering to certain self-discipline. Of course, one must strive to use his chances, especially if a period of luck has begun, but the situation can get out of control at any time, so regardless of a loss or a win, it is never necessary to abruptly and rashly
Increase the size of your bets;
to change the chosen strategy of the game;
Bet on a larger number of games, etc.

If the strategy worked before, it will bear fruit in the future – it is a matter of discipline and patience. Fortune is also sure to turn around, and this is the time just to test your stamina and willpower. Some people take a few weeks away from the game and do other things during this period of “bad luck”.

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